Brook Lopez & Malcolm Brogdon Postgame Interview - Game 5 | 2019 NBA Playoffs


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  • Nickooo O
    Nickooo O  3 months back

    Tf is a south African press doing there haha

    • azizair
      azizair  3 months back

      Bucks lost because of Brogdon hahaha

      • goprocbr
        goprocbr  3 months back

        Where is the stacked bench that everyone was talking about? 😂

        • Yes Yes
          Yes Yes  3 months back

          Brogdon looks like Oscar from the Office

          • Norwall
            Norwall  3 months back

            We're always excited to see your new stuff. Keep up the super great work my friend.

            • Shunsui Kyoraku
              Shunsui Kyoraku  3 months back

              These dudes ain’t the problem Giannis is, he turns it over every time he’s double teamed and he can’t create his own shot...or shoot... lol

              • Steel Head
                Steel Head  3 months back

                They blaming Drake again for game 5. SMH.....

                • antonis efthymiou
                  antonis efthymiou  3 months back

                  Overrated both of them

                  • Dory’s World
                    Dory’s World  3 months back

                    Didn’t know Obama and Squidwards house were in the NBA 🤨

                    • Supreme Kai
                      Supreme Kai  3 months back

                      So I can safely say that the 29 points Brook scored was a fluke right smh

                      • John Robert
                        John Robert  3 months back

                        He needs touches to score. Stop using Chokeyannis as a first option.

                    • Serge shot Iblocka
                      Serge shot Iblocka  3 months back

                      Buck's fans make too much noise for nothing but the players didn't execute tonight.

                      • RICH TV LIVE
                        RICH TV LIVE  3 months back


                        • Ninety Nine
                          Ninety Nine  3 months back

                          Giannis just a petite Ryan Hollins

                          • Traxus
                            Traxus  3 months back

                            Mike Scwartz ESPN has gotta be one of the most annoying reporters. He asked Lopez and Brogdon 2 questions, both about Kawhi, and he asked Kyle a stupid question asking him to explain the game through Kawhi's vision lmao. Let's not forget this the same dude that asked Lebron to explain JR's mindset after Game 1 of finals last year

                            • Andrew Campbell
                              Andrew Campbell  3 months back

                              Traxus it’s provoking and creates interest. Was it more interesting to hear the boring questions from the Australian Reporter: “remember the feeling you had in game 1 and 2?”

                          • Chester Villaruel
                            Chester Villaruel  3 months back

                            Talk to much hahaha raptors in 6

                            • Eyez Lo
                              Eyez Lo  3 months back

                              Lopez remind me of Shawn Bradley LMAO #NorthSideCertified 💪🏀💯

                              • Lucky Ducky
                                Lucky Ducky  3 months back

                                Khris Middleton 6 points. Mirotic 0 points. Buck's bench pathetic. Yep. Way to give all us loyal high ticket paying fans great effort. WTF.

                                • Lucky Ducky
                                  Lucky Ducky  3 months back

                                  @Steel Head racist towards a country. Wow, real smart? Wtf. Lib.

                                • Steel Head
                                  Steel Head  3 months back

                                  @Lucky Ducky Damn bro, its just basketball. why so racist towards Canadian?

                                • Lucky Ducky
                                  Lucky Ducky  3 months back

                                  @Hashim Iqbal fuck you and fuck the raptors and fuck Canada socialists country worshipping a queen. It ain't over yet punk.

                                • batiris
                                  batiris  3 months back

                                  @Hashim Iqbal He's entitled to make a comment about his own team you know...

                                • Hashim Iqbal
                                  Hashim Iqbal  3 months back

                                  Lucky Ducky Raptors are a championship caliber team and they proved it in game 5, if you weren’t convinced yet after the raptors bouncing back from a 0-2 deficit to win games 3 and 4. Please give credit where it’s due, and the raptors deserve full credit and respect ✊ .

                              • almosthomeless incali
                                almosthomeless incali  3 months back

                                I hope bucks win the series only because they would be more of a challenge for the warriors. If rapts make it to the finals warriors mos definitely winning with or without kd

                                • almosthomeless incali
                                  almosthomeless incali  2 months back

                                  @Michael Jordan lmao its not over yet though.. good series

                                • Michael Jordan
                                  Michael Jordan  2 months back

                                  The raptors already leads series 3-2 hahaha 😂😂

                                • almosthomeless incali
                                  almosthomeless incali  3 months back

                                  @111111 Bear i agree its about to be the easiest finals victory for the warriors. After the clippers n rockets its been ez for the warriors

                                • 111111 Bear
                                  111111 Bear  3 months back

                                  Raptors are about to get swept by the Warriors.

                                • almosthomeless incali
                                  almosthomeless incali  3 months back

                                  @tzunominous prime you never know the bucks did beat them back to back in this series.. hopefully giannis shows up

                              • M
                                M  3 months back

                                BROGDON JUST A DOLLAR STORE OBAMA

                              • Scottychasin Bags
                                Scottychasin Bags  3 months back

                                Brook is a pretty nice guy

                                • YourTechGuide
                                  YourTechGuide  3 months back

                                  *but he doesn't seem to be a "fun guy" tho.*

                              • Eleleon Williams
                                Eleleon Williams  3 months back

                                These niggaz have no swag lmao

                                • Slurzen
                                  Slurzen  3 months back

                                  Father Figure LMFAOOOOO

                                • Senai B
                                  Senai B  3 months back

                                  @A.i. Ciel Raptor players are normal and down to earth too.

                                • A.i. Ciel
                                  A.i. Ciel  3 months back

                                  I like that most of the Bucks players seem like normal down to earth dudes. So many players are corny as fuck these days.

                                • Shunsui Kyoraku
                                  Shunsui Kyoraku  3 months back

                                  Swag lol most nba players dress goofier than I did in middle school trying to stand out lol

                                • Armando Ikonomi
                                  Armando Ikonomi  3 months back

                                  No swag on the court neither smh choking

                              • Ray
                                Ray  3 months back

                                2 Defensive first team player team couldn't stop the Klaw?

                              • EramThaGOAT
                                EramThaGOAT  3 months back

                                Eric Bledsoe is choking on a whole new level. it's almost like he forgot how to play basketball damn

                                • 111111 Bear
                                  111111 Bear  3 months back

                                  @Uzzie B yup, you sound like a gamma male little bitch

                                • Pole COD LIVE MOBILE GAMEPLAYS
                                  Pole COD LIVE MOBILE GAMEPLAYS  3 months back

                                  @Matt bruh that was with like 40 seconds left. They literally blew a 14 pt lead earlier in the game. No excuse.

                                • Uzzie B
                                  Uzzie B  3 months back

                                  Matt I no excuses. I saw Kobe Bryant stay on to take free throws with a torn Achilles. This is the biggest game and moment of his career and he asked to get taken out. That’s coward stuff. Especially since he was back on the court a minute later. He choked.

                                • Matt
                                  Matt  3 months back

                                  Uzzie B Giannis had just tweaked his ankle and was probably in pain and concerned about the possibility of a series-ending injury. They showed that ankle-twist in slow-motion; it looked scary. Obviously Giannis would rather have been on the floor. Come on.

                              • Slick Ric
                                Slick Ric  3 months back

                                7 footer that can’t grab rebounds. Smh.

                                • Uzzie B
                                  Uzzie B  3 months back

                                  Slick Ric idk if you’ve watched the nba these last couple of years, but that’s what it’s literally become. Position less basket where everyone can shoot 3s and a 5 can be switched onto a 1. It’s the reason why players like Draymond are so valuable.

                                  It’s also why Giannis is so valuable. He can bring the ball down court and act as a point guard and create shots for others.

                                • Slick Ric
                                  Slick Ric  3 months back

                                  Uzzie B I don’t like when centers shoot 3’s. Obviously, You need a midrange game, but your job is to protect the rim and rebound. Otherwise you’re just a 7ft shooting guard.

                                • Just The Facts
                                  Just The Facts  3 months back


                                • Uzzie B
                                  Uzzie B  3 months back

                                  Slick Ric you have him to stretch out the floor. You love when he’s hitting 3s, but want him to be under the hoop getting rebounds too? You literally can’t have both.

                                • Yusuf Sanad
                                  Yusuf Sanad  3 months back

                                  Slick Ric that’s what we had last year.
                                  I wasn’t even sad about losing him . We knew he can shoot from outside but he is a very terrible rim protecter and too soft to bother people under the rim .

                              • imthatbullym
                                imthatbullym  3 months back

                                No views yet ?

                                • Billy Peru
                                  Billy Peru  3 months back