Mike Budenholzer Postgame Interview - Game 4 | Bucks vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Playoffs


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  • MrBoywonder1985
    MrBoywonder1985  2 months back

    I bet they're still checking out the film, LOL!!

    • 81mookthespook
      81mookthespook  3 months back

      This series got good i was afraid both east and west finals would be abit boring but i was wrong about east finals

      • Akash Sathyamoorthy
        Akash Sathyamoorthy  3 months back

        Yea the Warriors win this year, if these two teams are having a hard ass time between each other, what makes people think that they have a chance, Kawhi is injured, Bucks are losing to an injured Kawhi, Warriors 2019 champs

        • Diego Hernandez
          Diego Hernandez  3 months back

          (I never thought I’d be a drake defender)

          Pleaaassseeeeeeeee Drake has done more for the people of Canada and the US than any of those millionaire basketball players and coaches. Basketball is a meaningless game compared to the real life impact that drake has had on many people in his community and also mine down here in Miami Fl. So the fact that he’s not on the actual floor is enough. I never considered the bucks weak but “a fish rots from the head” and the bucks coach looks like he’s already making excuses!!!

          • Tyson Seafoot
            Tyson Seafoot  3 months back

            Ya and it’s Milwaukee were talking about here. Played the kawhi laugh pregame earlier in the season. Chanting clippers when kawhi was throwing free throws in game 2. Can dish it but can’t take it.

        • Innis Mor
          Innis Mor  3 months back

          Lawrencia "Bambi" Bembenek of Milwaukee — police officer convicted of murdering husband's ex-wife.

          Fear the Deer.

          • Premed1981
            Premed1981  3 months back

            Bud looks like he's permanently disgusted at something

            • Matthew Bradley
              Matthew Bradley  3 months back

              Giannis vs Kawhi

              • &thenIwokeup
                &thenIwokeup  3 months back

                Anyone see the baddie @ 1:40

                • A.i. Ciel
                  A.i. Ciel  3 months back

                  They really should quit doubling Leonard and make that if someone is gonna score it's him. He still has to work for it. He's looking more beat up every game. Wear him out.

                  • John Tsahageas
                    John Tsahageas  3 months back

                    PUT GIANNIS ON KAWHI PLEASE

                    • Tyson Seafoot
                      Tyson Seafoot  3 months back

                      John Tsahageas you just figured out why Milwaukee has a hard time matching up with the Toronto

                    • Connor Seams
                      Connor Seams  3 months back

                      @John Tsahageas No, no he can't. Siakam is one of the fastest and quickest forwards in the league, and Mirotic is not very athletic

                    • John Tsahageas
                      John Tsahageas  3 months back

                      Simon Ho so mirotic can’t guard him??

                    • Simon Ho
                      Simon Ho  3 months back

                      John Tsahageas do that and Siakam will have buffet in the paint

                  • RICH TV LIVE
                    RICH TV LIVE  3 months back

                    We have a series

                    • PG 13PACERNATION
                      PG 13PACERNATION  3 months back

                      Better tighten up Bucks. This is the year to win it all because next year the team won't be as good with all the pending FA we might lose

                      • thecoolguy010
                        thecoolguy010  3 months back

                        Fact, people aren't really talking about this enough. This might be the best team they assemble in the long run

                    • C Bean
                      C Bean  3 months back

                      Less ersan and connaughton and more Wilson and Snell

                      • Flor Alcanar
                        Flor Alcanar  3 months back

                        I hope bucks loose this series please

                        • Flor Alcanar
                          Flor Alcanar  3 months back

                          @A.i. Ciel really? Not sure about that

                        • A.i. Ciel
                          A.i. Ciel  3 months back

                          I hope Raptors "loose" this series

                      • Alex Doe
                        Alex Doe  3 months back

                        Nice to finally get a bit of respect from the Bucks coach, but game 5 will be really tough for Raps. Role players need to show up. Hopefully we get Green going.

                        • Alex Doe
                          Alex Doe  3 months back

                          @Uzayr Jamal Yes we did ! Need Everyone for closeout game 6.

                        • Uzayr Jamal
                          Uzayr Jamal  3 months back

                          Alex Doe We won

                      • jack Sparrow
                        jack Sparrow  3 months back

                        i hope raptors win two straight again, i know leonard saving his energy for this series and just play with one leg.

                        • xRuthless
                          xRuthless  3 months back

                          Crazy how much home court really matters.

                        • Austin
                          Austin  3 months back

                          Budenholzer humble man 💯

                          • Stbs Abs
                            Stbs Abs  3 months back

                            Bucks looked weirdly sleepy since the beginning

                            • Ernest Johnson
                              Ernest Johnson  3 months back

                              This will be a 7 game series and either will lose to the warrior's, they were great on the road in the regular series , but its the playoffs

                              • Conley D
                                Conley D  3 months back

                                Ernest Johnson that’s ur opinion.My opinion is the raptors will win in 6.and make history and beat g state for there first championship .

                            • Justin Vanevenhoven
                              Justin Vanevenhoven  3 months back

                              Time for the bucks defense to step the fuck up NOW!

                              • Ray
                                Ray  3 months back

                                did someone say bucks in 4? lol.

                                • C Bean
                                  C Bean  3 months back

                                  No in 6 💁🏻‍♂️

                                • Alex Doe
                                  Alex Doe  3 months back

                                  @- l guess your username says it all....stay in school and this is really important, say no to drugs.

                                • -
                                  -  3 months back

                                  Toronto fanboys don't know Bucks are the best team. Only way Raps could win was in double OT and Giannis 12pts. Impossible for that to happen again. Gentlemans sweep, Bucks in 5.

                                • Jerik Benn
                                  Jerik Benn  3 months back

                                  We didnt say sweep, we stated that bucks in finals kid 😐

                                • -
                                  -  3 months back

                                  Lowry 30 points and still lost. Toronto in big trouble. Bucks in 4.

                              • J DAWG
                                J DAWG  3 months back

                                Raps in 6

                                • Ricardo Aguinaga
                                  Ricardo Aguinaga  3 months back

                                  I hope so but I think it goes 7 with the best team winning. These teams are evenly matched

                              • Toronto Hoodman
                                Toronto Hoodman  3 months back

                                Everybody was talking about the Bucks v Warriors completely disregarding the Raptors lmao.

                                • Brendan Uttley
                                  Brendan Uttley  3 months back

                                  @- the series is 2-2. The bucks can't win in 5. Nobody knows the Bucks are better. The series is tied 2-2. Regular season is irrelevant at this point.

                                • Farzad Inam
                                  Farzad Inam  3 months back

                                  Y'all are falling for this dude, hes clearly trolling, i mean look at his username

                                • -
                                  -  3 months back

                                  Everybody knows Bucks are the much better team. 3-1 season record proves Bucks are much better than Raps. 3-1 baby. THIS SERIES IS OVER. Gentlemans sweep, Bucks in 5. Bucks and Warriors in the finals. Giannis gonna destroy Curry and Klay.

                                • yukon g
                                  yukon g  3 months back

                                  @Mac Cinco bucks have way too many flaws in their game and getting exposed... Raps in 6ix! We the north ✌🏼

                                • Alex Doe
                                  Alex Doe  3 months back

                                  @- Do the math, no team can win in 5 now. Series is tied 2-2.

                              • Emmanuel Lucas
                                Emmanuel Lucas  3 months back

                                You need to fucking curse on some players like pop. Forget this stupid nice thing shit. Say" what the fuck giannis make your free throws "

                                • Emmanuel Lucas
                                  Emmanuel Lucas  3 months back

                                  My advise is talk to coach pop and get some help man. You have a history of falling short remember the hawks?

                                  • Deven Murray
                                    Deven Murray  3 months back

                                    Like he doesnt do that every series anyway..

                                • Miguel Arredondo
                                  Miguel Arredondo  3 months back

                                  Raps are crazy at home, like the last series

                                  • ninjarevv
                                    ninjarevv  3 months back


                                    • RealSteelJyn
                                      RealSteelJyn  3 months back

                                      Problem is you need 3 people to try to stop Kawhi and on the other hand Kawhi can looked down Gianis himself.

                                      • IlIlI IlIlI
                                        IlIlI IlIlI  3 months back

                                        kawhi DE best defender in the game currently, is unable to stop giannis by himself and that is a FACT! He can definetely slow him down for sure. nothing more nothing less. Maybe draymon green is a better match to slow down giannis since hes a bit bigger. stop trolling please. Ps: still kawhi is a better deffender than draymon. I believe if kobe was playing and in his prime, he would take the challenge to guard giannis 1 on 1 if asked, at least a bit better than kawhi. He wouldnt stop Giannis. You need the specific size/speed of a Lebron and on top of that, be a fckn top defender in the league

                                      • &thenIwokeup
                                        &thenIwokeup  3 months back

                                        Bucks need to triple Kawhi. Raptors only need to double giannis.

                                      • Chivo
                                        Chivo  3 months back

                                        PLATINUM OPUS It goes both ways.

                                      • Mary Woo
                                        Mary Woo  3 months back

                                        @Chivo actual dumbass who doesnt get pussy for saying that :-)

                                      • PLATINUM OPUS
                                        PLATINUM OPUS  3 months back

                                        @Chivo Lol what, Bucks double or triple team Kawhi on the majority of possessions.

                                    • saltyy fruit
                                      saltyy fruit  3 months back

                                      *Keep inspiring small YouTubers like Myself House of highlights* 💪🔥

                                      • Flow Bandz
                                        Flow Bandz  3 months back

                                        saltyy fruit ur weird bro