Nick SURPRISED Raptors take 3-2 series lead with stunning 105-99 win at Milwaukee


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  • Jason b
    Jason b  2 months back

    For Toronto it's Deer hunting season😁Milwaukee better say there last rites before they walk into the woods!

    • Mix OfEmotion
      Mix OfEmotion  2 months back

      Lmfao he was the one that said Raptors doesnt got it. Bitch please

      • Dan W
        Dan W  2 months back

        What about the raps bench crushing the Buck’s bench two games in a row?

        • Retro Pyro
          Retro Pyro  2 months back

          If the Raptors lost last night, Nick would have been claiming the series is over no matter what happens in game 6. Guy is a fool.

          • Dong Su
            Dong Su  2 months back

            Toronto gonna win the series.

            • jayshine27
              jayshine27  2 months back

              Gainnis not getting foul calls that should be called when Kawhi guarding him thats why they are losing because they are getting away with fouls... but idc who win honestly but i do wanna see a game 7 tho

              • 1020percent
                1020percent  2 months back

                jayshine27 giannis just isn’t used to facing THE elite defender in the game. His performance through the playoffs has been remarkable but he’s still learning and growing.

              • Retro Pyro
                Retro Pyro  2 months back

                Get the hell out of here

            • Dumbfuck
              Dumbfuck  2 months back

              Nick as recently as one game ago said Raps don't have the FIRE POWER to beat Bucks.

              • Mr Smarty Pants
                Mr Smarty Pants  2 months back

                The difference is Giannis is not getting his foul calls..

                • Rubin Turner
                  Rubin Turner  2 months back

                  Middleton you're #2 had less than 10 points. C'mon bro

                • Rubin Turner
                  Rubin Turner  2 months back

                  No the difference is bucks bench isn't doing what they did in the other series.

                • Rubin Turner
                  Rubin Turner  2 months back

                  Doesn't make a difference if he can't hit free throws!

                • mrchicago6984
                  mrchicago6984  2 months back

                  He started missing fts so he hesitate more now

              • djpause
                djpause  2 months back

                Tom green? What?

                • Kevin Teeter
                  Kevin Teeter  2 months back

                  The Bucks played 30 games against the western opponents & the other 42 against the LEAST therefore equating to the best record in the NBA. Had they been in the west they would NOT have the best record in the league. The BUCKS are not the best team in the league. The WARRIORS have assassins& snipers on their roster . They have gatlin guns, dessert eagles, sniper rifles in ther arsenal while the rest of the league has cap guns. These guys will win the CHIP once again w/ or w/o K.D. has the world forgotten he joined them b/c of him getting tired of getn his ass kicked in OKC. Sit back enjoy the ride of this great team. These damn analysis dont have a clue as to what they are talkn abt. The Bucks are abt to be sent home w / their lack of playoff exp. The freak is gud but he has a ways to go. Go Steph continue to rep our home city of Charlotte & go WARRIORS!!!!

                  • ThreeCreators
                    ThreeCreators  2 months back

                    Steven Nguyen wordup

                  • Steven Nguyen
                    Steven Nguyen  2 months back

                    Appreciate your passion even though I root against the warriors. Hopefully we have a 7 game series with raptors

                  • ThreeCreators
                    ThreeCreators  2 months back

                    Kevin Teeter lmaooo I fuk with this!! I agree saying Facts about analysts n kD unable to get past warriors in okc or lebron and wade and joining warriors as a result.
                    I think people forget how good klay and especially curry is just because curry disappeared that one game in game 3 of 2017. But u can’t forget he still hit the dagger 3 that game before Durant, and he got over the hump without as much help as Durant ever had. It’s like people choose to only remember certain things about a player.
                    Also I disagree that the east is still that much weaker than the west. I feel like the warriors are the best despite the records, but I truly believe that phily Milwaukee Toronto and and Celtics are just as good as Houston Portland Denver and okc. However there’s the rest of the teams u can debate where it may be tougher still on average in the West when u think about it. But to be fair the lakers lost to more east teams than west teams since lebron returned from his injury. But I still feel u on all that.
                    Also, u never know what might happen in the finals no matter how unlikely and hopefully we’ll actually somehow get a good competitive series. But yeah it looks like a 3 peat is evident if I had to bet on it and curry def doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves in my opinion

                • King Joshua
                  King Joshua  2 months back

                  Bucks in 7

                  • tone capone
                    tone capone  2 months back

                    Nick the nose is dying inside...

                    • Brad Warfe
                      Brad Warfe  2 months back

                      I hope the team with the best shot at beating the Warriors win. I think that’s the Bucks but Giannis can’t underperform. Kawhi seems to be more consistent in these playoffs. But I love the confident mindset of Giannis.

                      • Brad Warfe
                        Brad Warfe  2 months back

                        Jown Wilson I agree with you they will win again but I just rather they not. I’m hoping for a good series but I think the warriors will beat either team even without Durant. But I don’t have a horse in the race so I don’t care much either way.

                      • Jown Wilson
                        Jown Wilson  2 months back

                        stop being a warriors hater man.. because you just gonna look stupid when warriors win it all. just saying.

                    • Jaye Xl
                      Jaye Xl  2 months back

                      Oh nick is “surprised “ today . Damn I’m surprised he’s not “shocked “ lol

                    • bert fromarketin
                      bert fromarketin  2 months back

                      Uhh much for my Bucks in 6...Kawhi said "NO HOMIE...I'm going to need to go on YouTube and change that"...

                      • Blood Taker
                        Blood Taker  2 months back

                        Nick was right again lol saying that the bucks were the best team.

                        • Fred Brooks
                          Fred Brooks  2 months back

                          Does he ever know what he's taking about?

                      • kaiden8701
                        kaiden8701  2 months back

                        King in the north!

                      • sean williams
                        sean williams  2 months back

                        💥The bucks are getting 4 straight💥

                      • sean williams
                        sean williams  2 months back

                        Bambi looks scared ast night 😂😂😂 Dinosaurs in 6ix 💥💥👍😎

                        • Nphibious
                          Nphibious  2 months back

                          Jenna looking good in that dress no cap.

                          • zyzz doggie
                            zyzz doggie  2 months back

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                          • King Joshua
                            King Joshua  2 months back

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                          • David duFresne
                            David duFresne  2 months back

                            @Powerlifter83 She's got more testosterone than Nick. Definitely more muscle.

                          • Powerlifter83
                            Powerlifter83  2 months back

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                          • Mix In The City
                            Mix In The City  2 months back


                        • TimothyKK
                          TimothyKK  2 months back

                          I have to say, the fact that they lost by 6 even though Giannis underperformed mightily is a testament to how good the Bucks are. But I guess if you don’t get a W, it doesn’t matter how good your team plays.

                          • Κωστής
                            Κωστής  2 months back

                            How come everyone give a pass to Middleton? If he had even 15 points (which would still be bad for his standards) Bucks would have won. He had 6 points! He had 2 points going to the 4th quarter! He had a number of realy realy bad unforced turnovers the last 3 games. He has zero impact in this series. The only game where he was hitting shots was game 4, and he had most of his points when the game was already out of reach. Literaly zero impact. Maybe this series is the best thing that has happened to the Bucks going into Middleton's free agency. If he was good he probably would have gotten a near-max contract. Now i hope they give him something in the ballpark of what Bledshoe got. Maybe that way the Bucks can save capspace for someone who can actualy make a difference in such games.

                          • Fred Brooks
                            Fred Brooks  2 months back

                            It doesn't matter, you have to win. And when you have people like hook nose Nick Wrong prematurely throwing Milwaukee in the Finals and predicting them to beat GS even though they had yet to be battle tested and lacked playoff experience, makes you say pump the breaks on that. Now it's not out the question for the Bucks to win in Toronto tomorrow and force a Game 7 back in Milwaukee, but they're now in a pressure situation that they haven't been in before and they're going to have to play a hell of a game tomorrow in order to win. This is what it's truly all about, this is not that cupcake regular season s***. So Milwaukee is going to have to grow up fast and show some fortitude tomorrow in Toronto.

                          • bert fromarketin
                            bert fromarketin  2 months back

                            Well said

                        • CJ CJ
                          CJ CJ  2 months back

                          BUckS iN 4
                          NAh I mEaN BUcKs iN 5
                          nO No bUcKs iN 6
                          oK oK ReALlY BuCkS iN 7
                          Nah claw in 6 niggas forgot who he was 2x defensive player of year and finals MVP

                          • King Mjay
                            King Mjay  2 months back

                            Gannis saying he ten toes down never fold 🔥🔥